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As for Hopper, is it possible that Kali's powers have made him believe that he had a daughter who died of cancer? The Hawkins lab is shut down, much to the delight of the conspiracy theorist befriended by Jonathan and Nancy.But the town still doesn't know what really went on there; most think Barb was killed by a toxic leak.The BBC's announcement came as Channel 5 brought back Blind Date, with Paul O'Grady, and ITV2 unveiled a new dating series, Dress To Impress.Competitors will try to win the heart of a fashion-conscious singleton by dressing them in the show, hosted by Matt Edmondson, who also came up with the idea for the programme.During a live broadcast of KIIS FM's controversial Naked Dating segment of was praised by a number of viewers for including transgender contestants for the first time on the programme – although the show has also faced criticism this time around, after one contestant was accused of fat-shaming another.The DJ and presenter, 42, will host the series, matching singletons in the countryside with city dwellers looking for romance - as well as a new life.Willmott-Brown (William Boyde) has always been able to count on having his children exactly where he wants them, but that all begins to change when Josh Hemmings stands up to him.

villain James Willmott-Brown starts to lose his grip on his family in dramatic scenes next week.Paul then won the head of household competition and he put Josh and Kevin up for nominations.Paul won the veto competition and during the live veto ceremony, he decided not to use it.And if you haven't finished the season yet, save this for later: major spoilers ahead!Netflix has already renewed the show for a third season, and creators Matt and Ross Duffer are hoping for a fourth.

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They'll be dating city dwellers who will have to cope with "the wild outdoors and woeful wi-fi”.