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This is a great choice of pet for those that want a dog that will enjoy exercising with them, such as going for a stroll or a jog.However, the breed is best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership.She does not need a tremendous amount of exercise and may even be suitable for an apartment if one is willing to enjoy daily vigorous walks with her. She is good with the kids in her adopted family but she may not take to your kids friends, which scares me when you consider her size and potential for harm.Story Credit: Savvy Dog Lovers American Eskimo Dog is a fluffy white Spitz-type dog that is a member of the Non-Sporting group. They have spiky, triangular ears which stand erect on their heads and a long tail that curls over on to their back.There is a tendency to overeat and become overweight if a careful watch is not kept on their food consumption.The Affen is a small, compact terrier-type dog with bushy eyebrows and a mischievous monkey like expression.

Intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking and loyal, Airedale Terriers have a charming nature, a great spirit and a big heart. He is sweet of disposition, devoted to his owner but aloof with strangers.Very independent, these dogs can be disobedient, which makes training difficult.He can also get bored and destructive if he doesn't get the attention that he needs.With strangers the dog's reaction may vary, and whereas some will be friendly around strangers others may be more reserved.When it comes to smaller animals, these dogs may chase.

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Story Credit: Dog Encyclopedia enthusiastic, and very intelligent, the American Water Spaniel is a dog that makes for a great companion and pet.

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