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Free cyber chat in south africa

To see what cookies we use and how to change your cookie settings, click here.By continuing to browse this website, you accept our use of cookies.With cyber crime costing South Africa R1 billion a year, training for police, prosecutors, judges and magistrates is essential in fight against online criminals worldwide.That was what a workshop on the integration of cyber crime and electronic evidence into the judicial training curriculum heard yesterday.

The six other countries at the workshop were Morocco, Tonga, Mauritius, Philippines, Senegal and Sri Lanka.

However, there is as yet no reliable measurement of the extent of the problem either here or abroad.

American psychologists dealing with Internet addiction currently work on the assumption that a far higher proportion of Internet users - between 5% and 10% - are highly susceptible to addiction.

At least seven countries requested help with combating online crime, said Manuel Pareira of the CU.

South Africa was one of the top 10 countries affected by cyber crime.

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At least seven countries, including South Africa, were part of the workshop, held in Johannesburg.

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