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At the same time, a financial market was developed, which provided cheap investment capital and insurance.

In addition, the authorities on the whole were reluctant to interfere with the economy.

The position of central government, the States General, which met irregularly in In spite, or perhaps because of its exceptional political system, the Dutch Republic witnessed an unparalleled flourishing in almost every aspect of society in the 17th century.

A driving force in this development was the influx of large numbers of immigrants, many of them religious and economic refugees, coming first and foremost from the Southern Netherlands (modern .

Other factors contributed to the flourishing of the young state as well.

Waves of religious and economic immigrants provided the necessary manpower, skills and creativity.How then did printing and bookselling profit from these favourable circumstances?One of the most important social factors benefitting the Dutch book trade was the constant arrival of newcomers.Around 1650 about half of the young adult population, male and female, in the cities was able to read and write.Many families were also able to send their children to secondary education, at the Latin and French schools which proliferated all over the country.

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Still, the output and diversity of book production in this period are impressive.