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She loves to turn the sound up at the start of the race, making the whole house reverberate with the roar of forty or more powerful race car engines simultaneously accelerating towards the start line. “Her mouth is still hanging open,” she gasped, pointing back across the street. Grimes and I both had to explain my shouted remark and the reason for it to several neighbors who heard it.

The older bitch daughter hollered at me as I crossed the street. When we did, the entire neighborhood shunned the three bitches, too.

Since every house in the area are single story, someone would have to be on their roof to see down inside the enclosure.

Either that, or up in the tree in our back yard where I currently was.

With more than 500 new job seekers in town, prospects of everyone finding a new job were nil.

We laughed the rest of the afternoon at the shocked look on the mother bitch’s face. Grimes’ house, this time for our nearly weekly “date.” She has a monstrous flat screen television that Bruce bought for her.

With the sound system he included and had the electronics store hook up, it almost feels like we were there at the NASCAR track watching Bruce compete. “Hey, sexy senior citizens need love, too,” I shot back, stunning her. Grimes was hanging onto the front door frame, laughing hysterically when I got there.

Surprisingly, there were no comments from the bitches when I escorted Mrs.

Grimes over to our house, her arm through mine, for dinner.

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