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Database Backup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @Directory = 'C:\Backup, D:\Backup, E:\Backup, F:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL', @Compress = 'Y', @Buffer Count = 50, @Max Transfer Size = 4194304, @Number Of Files = 4, @Cleanup Time = 24 The SQL Server Maintenance Solution has been designed to do integrity checks of very large databases.

You can choose to update all statistics, statistics on indexes only, or statistics on columns only.

One of the most requested features for a long time has been the ability to select availability groups. Database Backup @Availability Groups = 'AG1, AG2', @Directory = 'C:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL' EXECUTE dbo.

Database Backup @Availability Groups = 'ALL_AVAILABILITY_GROUPS, -AG1', @Directory = 'C:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL' Now what if you want to select all user databases that are not in availability groups?

If you're like me, you have a SQL Agent job in place to rebuild or reorganize only the indexes in your databases that truly require such actions.

If you rely on the standard maintenance plans in Microsoft SQL Server, a policy of rebuilding all indexes occurs.

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You can combine it with striping of backups, and also specify a separate cleanup time for the mirror. Database Backup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @Directory = 'C:\Backup', @Mirror Directory = 'D:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL', @Compress = 'Y', @Verify = 'Y', @Cleanup Time = 24, @Mirror Cleanup Time = 48 I have added support for backup encryption, lock priorities for online index rebuilds, online index rebuilds of partitions, and updating of statistics on memory-optimized tables in SQL Server 2014.

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