Who is matt hardy dating in 2016

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I used to keep a journal of my travels on this site. Might pick it up again someday, but for now, I just put things on social media like everybody else.

It was the first time in my life I couldn’t get back up.

I had a broken tibia and that was over a year ago.”Injuries are never far from Hardy's mind, as he also has to wear a brace in the ring for his torn PCL.

“Matt's older (41), and he's better than he's ever been.

It’s just like writing a good song–you’ve got to tell a good story in a match.“It’s very hard,“ admitted Hardy. I feel so comfortable with my ideas and being in the ring at this age in my career, and I feel more comfortable with what I can and can’t do in the ring.

That’s what makes him so good.”“I’m looking forward to having one of those moments that will be immortal,” said Hardy, who admits that he is still filled with fear before his high spots in matches. The fear is part of the fun, and that’s what I live for.”“When I broke my leg on the dirt bike, fear got the best of me that day,” he explained. I didn’t hit it as fast as I could have and I came up short.Foley was tossed off the top of the cage and plunged sixteen feet onto the announce table, and also accidentally crashed through the top of the cell, plummeting straight down to the middle of the ring.“I still think about Mick Foley,” said Hardy. You talk about superhuman powers–Mick Foley got up from that first bump, then returned to take the choke slam through the top of the cage.I always think about that match–is that even possible to top? I’m going to let instinct drive my body to see as far as I can go.” performance,” said Hardy. That camera is going to be on, and it’s going to become a professional wrestling memory.Motocross started it, and that led to pro wrestling.“Luckily, I had this natural talent for it, and luckily I had this huge foundation with the creatures, my fans. I’m so lucky that I went this long without being seriously injured in the ring. I think I’m wrestling better than I ever have.”“As far as storytelling and psychology, I think I'm at my best,” said Hardy.

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